Welcome to KLDP!

The Karen Leadership Development Program is a loving community located in the outskirts of Chiang Mai, Thailand dedicated to equipping future generations of the Karen people.

The Karen people are ethnically tied to nature. We live in and love nature. The Karen people live in the forest and work as farmers. Through the ministry of Burma missionary Adoniram Judson, many Karen responded to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lack of education, isolation and poverty have had an effect on their faith and preparedness for global living. Young Karen come ill prepared for city living. Hoping to receive further education and economic opportunities, instead these young people are swept away, often lost in a lack of connections, losing their faith and even their lives.

The KLDP recognized this problem and established this program in 2012. The KLDP is Karen-led and is not a foreign established NGO. We desire to assist the next generation of Karen to grow and develop into tomorrow’s servant leaders. Currently, we have eleven students from different areas in northern Thailand. With Christ as our example, we seek to provide an atmosphere of love, where the students can receive training, mentoring and familiar communal living. We also provide a debt-free education for each of our students.

It is a wonderful opportunity to live together and grow together at the KLDP! Over the last four years we have seen God’s grace and blessings extended to us in many ways. We have known His guidance, His provision, His mercy and amazing partners that have encouraged us again and again. Perhaps you are one of those people. We are thankful for you and everyone that has cared for us and encouraged us to grow. We hope you enjoy our web-site and please continue to pray for the KLDP.